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For centuries, herbal supplements helped us prevent illnesses and maintain good health. Today, we’ve mastered those recipes. Supplements by Solaire Naturals are crafted using unique blends of all-natural ingredients, designed to maximize the health benefits of each nutrient, allowing your body function at its best.

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Worry less, enjoy life more. Our ingredients are all-natural, nutritionally optimized, sourced from quality vendors, and clearly labelled. With over 20 years’ experience in Canada’s health food industry, we know what works — and what works best.

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Since 1940

Every hero has
an origin story.

Since 1940, Symons’ Super Mix (now brought to you by Solaire Naturals) has been the go-to supplement for essential nutrients. It’s the original superfood — founded right here in Canada — with an all-natural ingredient list you can pronounce: alfalfa, millet, buckwheat, rosehips, and kelp.

Today, Symons’ Super Mix remains a staple for any active lifestyle — helping you maintain good health, stay energized during the day, and shine from within.